NBN and business messaging

  NBN and business messaging NBN and business messaging are compatible as NBN Co has full diversion capability.   About NBN diversion and carriers When the carriers set up their network they change all the rules. They change the diversion codes and methods to install to suit their system and not the market. An example … Read more

Send SMS on line

Is SMS  outdated?  in this short report, we look at the future of short messaging with Send SMS online   Imessage Google is working on another competitor for iMessage; It’s working on a project that will replace SMS messaging as we know it. ‘Chat’ is a new project being worked on by Google. This project aims … Read more

telegram messenger and other news

What’s new in messaging First up is Telegram Messenger a unique and secure message service?   Just like  WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger Telegram Messenger is a messaging app that works over the internet.  What’s more, you can send messages for free by using your Wi-Fi connection or your mobile data allowance (providing you have data … Read more

Message phone computer

  Message phone computer   Message phone computer ties together the idea of a great message service and how it can help your business grow to far better customer acquisition. The Message for phones When your phone needs answering let a message service do it for you. You want that professional edge to your business … Read more

business telephone answering service

business telephone answering service First of all, having a business telephone answering service is an absolute must for anyone wanting to control your inbound phone calls. Furthermore, this applies equally to small and medium businesses plus corporates and Government departments.   How to set up a message service. This is done through a carrier of your choice since … Read more

Virtual receptionist services

Virtual receptionist services. So you think you want a Virtual receptionist service to do all the heavy lifting for you. Well. think again because they have a lot of problems to overcome first. What is a virtual receptionist? There are two meanings to this term both with different outcomes but the definition I like from Wikipedia … Read more

virtual office phone service

Is there such a thing as a virtual office phone service and if so how does it work? Where did all this virtual stuff start The cloud term started back in 2006 when Amazon introduced the first service in a virtual world. Link Before that, we had internet email services operating from mid-1980 a form … Read more

nbn co diversions

NBN Co diversions What are the NBN co diversions to outside numbers? It is not all that easy but anything is possible. Telstra codes Telstra sells several NBN packages and each one is different. The basic Telstra setup has diverted codes like the old *21 codes They are now : immediate *72number# off *73# No … Read more

Best small business phone systems

The Best Small Business Phone System The Best small business phone systems are really different now because of the rapid industry changes.   For a long time, the industry was dominated by Panasonic, NEC, LG and maybe a couple of others. The systems were designed to work on analogue lines and the calls carried via a … Read more

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS. Be excited about BulkSMS because it can 10 times your results over other media. What is Bulk SMS? BulkSMS is a business use product for sending an SMS to hundreds or even thousands of clients at one time. It is the same message for every client except that you can add a name, … Read more