Answering service review

Answering service review

Product:               Telephone answering and business messaging

Name:                                  Verdi business messaging

business messaging answering service review
professional supplier of messaging services

Website:              Https://

Price :

Owners:               Select Consulting Pty Ltd

Overall ranking: 95-100

Product Overview:

Verdi messaging has been in operation for over 10 years with consistent supply to the
Australian market.

They have an outstanding range of products that will suit any business. Basic message services
through to enhanced services and auto attendants.
1300-1800 numbers and local numbers for all states.
SMS services
Email to fax and fax to email

Answering service review

The good and the bad:


A great range of messaging products for any business.

Customers range from one-man businesses to the largest corporations and Government.
They are extremely efficient at what they do.

Verdi business messaging is priced competitively and there are no tricks in the pricing.

Everything is clearly laid out and monthly and quarterly billing plans are available.

Payments are by Credit Card or direct debit.

Invoicing on request with 7-day terms

Verdi has been a leading provider of messaging products for over 10 years with customers
in all mainland states.

They offer a free trial and monthly contracts with no long-term commitment.



They have no direct live answering service
They are available only in Australia although New Zealand 0800 numbers are available


Who is Verdi messaging for?

This is mainly a small to medium business product for overflow and after-hours answering.
They do have clients in both corporate and Government agencies because of the range of
products offered.

Verdi business messaging Tools and Training

The people at Verdi explain everything you need to know on set up and use. They provide written instructions and are always available to talk you through a problem,
The live web-based Dashboard allows you access to easy changes and calling statistics at any time

Verdi business messaging support

At Verdi, they provide Australian-based training and support 7 days a week

What is the Verdi messaging price?

Pricing starts at just $29.95 a month and a one-time setup fee of $120. They offer different packages depending on the number of calls taken every month.

My final opinion of Verdi business messaging

As a Virtual message service, I believe they are unmatched in the Australian market

Verdi business messaging at a glance

Owners; Select Consulting Pty Ltd           ABN  41051113789