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Established nearly 10 years ago to meet the demands of small and medium businesses we set the goal for new services.

Corporations and Government departments have also found unique needs for our services.

We recognised early on that pricing was important to customers but not before quality and performance.

We did not compromise with any part of our service and as a result, built a product we can be proud of.

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Business messagingIn the current market, you can not afford people with the sole duty of answering your phone calls. As a result, the burden is spread amongst all the staff to manage the call flow in the best way possible.

Overflow telephone calls

Even with the best intentions telephone calls will be missed, you are all busy, distracted or simply not available.
I have a long post on this on this site and or log here

Business messaging should be a priority.

It should be one of the first things you do in your business. Old or new.

I can’t run my business without Verdi.
Michael  Direct Marketing

I thought I would try it not expecting much but now it is in
all three stores.                                                                            Richard   Tyre stores

I have no hesitation in recommending your services for our type of business. 
Ray   Service Industry

I recommend your service to everyone.                                            Maria     Retail

The fans rave on about our service and in fact, the average age of a customer with Business messaging is in excess of four years.

Do you have Telephone answering service backup for your business?

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Business messaging

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Business messaging