Messaging service business

Messaging service business Here we explore Messaging service business and just what it means to you, your staff, customers and most of all the profit line.         First of all, let’s explore just what a messaging service does for you. I started to explore this recently after reading a book out of … Read more

Customer Support Phone Number

support phone numbers

Are there benefits in having a Customer Support Phone Number for your business? Here Peter Hanley looks at the concept from outside the circle of trust. When customers want your support where do they go? First of all, it is well known that things can go wrong and we all accept that. How the problem is … Read more

Voice evacuation system

Voice evacuation system Occupational Health and safety gets harder to manage all the time. Here we offer a way to clear your premises with a single phone call when emergency demands with this exclusive Voice evacuation system as used by a State-based Emergency department. Why would you need an Evacuation system? First of all, when … Read more

Free trial

Free trial   Free trial of Verdi business messaging is offered to most new inquiries to establish both need and an estimate of call volumes to base billing Before you move on think what a free trial could do for you It will take the guess work out of need That’s right, we will tell … Read more

Live Telephone Answering

Live Telephone answering

Live Telephone Answering So you think you need Live telephone answering for your business but maybe there is a better alternative here Peter Hanley gives some ideas.   What does live answering actually do?   Your business calls are diverted using normal carrier diversions to a message centre based somewhere in the world. A person … Read more

Interstate messaging

Interstate Messaging Interstate messaging. Show your business with an interstate phone number delivering calls to your main office. Increase traffic flow 10x NSW Vic Qld WA-SA Send your callers to a destination In this modern-day of technology call transferring is seamless and can be directed by time of day or day of week. Example; Cleaning … Read more

Instant Message Service

instant message services

Instant Message Service Where would you find the best Instant message service and how do they work? Here, Peter Hanley takes you on a short journey of knowledge. Your understanding of Instant messaging? Instant messaging is a broad term that covers both inbound and outbound messaging plus fixed and mobile messaging so we need to expand … Read more

NBN and business messaging

  NBN and business messaging NBN and business messaging are compatible as NBN Co has full diversion capability.   About NBN diversion and carriers When the carriers set up their network they change all the rules. They change the diversion codes and methods to install to suit their system and not the market. An example … Read more