Inbound SMS for Business

Inbound SMS for Business

Inbound SMS for business

What is Inbound SMS for Business and how will it help you?

|Peter Hanley provides a way for greater customer service and money saving.

First of all,  why use inbound SMS services in your business?

The answer is that most customers are now time-poor and that a quick SMS will convey a  full message in just seconds.

When they hear there is a better way they are going to want it because they just hate being put on hold by you or a machine.

Plus your time on the telephone is often wasted time that could be much better off used elsewhere.

Furthermore, a missed cancellation can ruin your whole day.


So how does it work?

We provide you with a mobile-style telephone number then;

An SMS message is delivered straight to your email so anyone can handle it. Even after hours.

You can also set an automated response to accept the message. This is really a great option because we have proven it completes customer expectations.

Furthermore, you have a permanent record for recall when you want.

Using SMS can save you hours of time every month and provide your customers with a service that looks after them.

You can also use quiet times to call back and pick up those re-bookings at your time and not in peak periods.

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Does Inbound SMS really work?

In any business that has regular bookings, there are always changes,
cancels and movements that take your time away from real work.

Inbound SMS can streamline the process benefiting you, your staff, and your customers.

Priced from just $45 plus outbound messages a month any saving in time will more than pay for itself.

Advertise the number on your booking cards, website anywhere convenient.

Start today by calling Peter at Verdi 0411225229 and get your special number.

Peter Hanley


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Inbound SMS for business

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