Local Telephone Numbers

What are Local Telephone Numbers and why are they so important to your business. Will the NBN and other new products affect them 1300 numbers


What type of telephone numbers are available?


Area code numbers

02 -03-07-08 state

1300/1800/13 numbers

19 premium rate

Fixed Mobile numbers

All the options are freely available in Australia and each has its own place in your business.
Recent changes with the NBN service have altered the rules a little

Each State or Territory is allocated a prefix on the numbers so you know where you are calling.
NSW is 02 series through to WA/SA on 08.

The ranges were then broken down into areas so that you had an idea of the business location.

This system has stood the test of time for many years but alas it is now broken.
The NBN allows a seamless transfer of your number intra state so you can not now tell an estimated location. General hosting carriers are now allocating their own number ranges to the states adding to the misery of location plotting.

The big gain is moving your business and retaining your number in the new location.


Numbers are not lines

In the olden days (like last year)  numbers were generally allocated to a line so the cost was attached to a line cost.

Now virtual numbers can be used and you can point the traffic anywhere you want. You may, for instance, have an Adelaide number but it will be routed to your Sydney office. Or perhaps a special number on your website so that you can better track results. People who call that number can be forwarded to your office, mobile or anywhere you wish.

With an NBN internet phone service, you can add numbers in pairs on a single channel, how things have changed


So what are the benefits of a local number?

The most obvious is that they announce in which state you are domiciled.

Many people prefer to shop at the home state due to factors like refunds, complaints, cheaper delivery etc so having your state at the front is a bonus.

Some carriers in fixed and mobile calls still have a billing regime where National calls are dearer than local calls so call costs can be a factor in use.

The Time factor is another with the varied time zones across Australia trading hours can vary by up to three hours different during summer months.

There has never been a variant in Fax numbers and this looks to be the case going forward. We understand faxes are declining but there are many years to go yet

Can you choose your own phone number?

The simple answer is yes you can but only if your carrier has access to the range you require.
When on, or moving to the NBN you can, however, transfer your number to any location within the state.
Most carriers will have a range of Gold numbers available at a price. As they last a long time and identify your business it is sometimes a commercial option.

Numbers vary widely and for example, in Perth, I have  9444 range, 086244 and 086314 etc and they can be used anywhere in WA.

local telephine numbers


Why would you want a local number?

There are many reasons for wanting a local number and they include;

  • New business
  • New product
  • Tracking for a web page or advertising
  • Service or special line
  • Fax service
  • Through dialling from out of state.
  • Virtual office
  • Receive overseas calls (1300 range cannot)
  • Is a 1300 number better?

Local telephone numbers can greatly increase traffic

First of all, there is little difference between 1300 and 1800 numbers. With 1800 the owner pays the cost of incoming local calls at a fixed rate. Both numbers have call costs associated.

With a 1300 range, you could be based anywhere in Australia so you are not aligned with a particular location

or state.  Numbers can be used for phones and faxes.

If you are a state-based business where people like to shop local a 1300 number is probably not for you.

These numbers generally have a higher call in and out cost  and cannot accept overseas calls

13 numbers are a 4 digit extension used by Big players having an annual maintenance cost over $10,000

Name numbers can be bought at The Government auction site with a cost starting at $250 and rising on the popularity of the number. 1300 or 1800 and six digits.

What are 1900 lines

These are caller pays lines for things like Horoscopes, Dating, information or campaigns in general. I was watching I am a Celebrity get me out of Here last night and you vote on a 1900 line. The call has a cost to the customer and you and the carrier share the income, not bad money if you can get it.

Fixed SMS numbers to Email

These are generally SMS numbers for funnelling Mobile SMS through your email channel. Anyone can respond, a permanent record is available and accessible by the mobile population is growing.

Local telephone numbers for business

At Verdi, we have numbers available at all times for short and long term use.

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