NBN Co diversions

What are the NBN co diversions to outside numbers?

nbn co diversions

It is not all that easy but anything is possible.

Telstra codes

Telstra sells several NBN packages and each one is different.

The basic Telstra setup has diverted codes like the old *21 codes

They are now :

nbn co diversions

immediate *72number# off *73#

No answer *92number# off *93#

Busy is *90number# off *91# All numbers include the area code.

Next, they have Comm pilot.

This is a dashboard system where you log in and make changes.

To do an immediate diversion find the page insert the number and save. Then take it out later to change back
When you want to go to outside numbers on no answer and busy it is different.

Turn off-line hunt and seek a credit for this.


Taking Line 1 on busy goes to line 2.

Then line 1 0n no answer goes to an outside number either fixed or mobile.

Furthermore, Line 2 on busy goes to line 3

Also, line 2 0n no answer goes to an outside number either fixed or mobile

This procedure goes through to the last line.

Calls on the last line divert online busy and no answer to the outside number.

Telstra will do this for you if you call the NBN number.

When you want a good message service  go to Verdi business messaging is the answer



nbn co diversions

Generally set up via the IINet dashboard in a similar manner. Call them if you are unsure.


nbn co diversions

When you are using an Optus Home service, line and internet package you only have

call forward immediate.

Contact Optus for other NBN packages

Other carriers

When your supplier is reselling Telstra go to the top of the page.

Should this not be the case call them and get details or use your dashboard login. There are too many for a quick post.


This has always been a bit difficult with a range of carriers and products.
Most used *21number # for immediate diversion and *61Number# for no answer and
*24number# online busy, These codes still work with many carriers

With just a few exceptions diversion codes are still a great way to manage your phone calls.


nbn co diversions

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