Power failures and cyclones

Power failures and cyclones


Power failures and cyclones are devesting when they affect your business. It will cost you your customers, and goodwill and damage your branding.

Power failures and cyclones

So what has this got to do with you?

As we enter the cyclone season with two off our coast and one in America I worry about the effect on your business.

People still want communication and while they may not Order a Pizza delivery in the heart of a cyclone they may have things they want to convey.

At Verdi messaging, all our products are fully supported with complete power redundancy so you are never compromised.

Importantly your business is backed up

Your diversions are carrier based which means at an exchange near you somewhere with power and all things necessary to keep the phones alive.

However, it can fail.

Once in my many years, it happened in an area near me.

The problem was the telephone exchange was torched and burnt down. No telephones whatever for a couple of weeks.
This was a one-off occasion so generally, not a consideration.

There are other backups

Another backup is always mobile phones when the calls can be diverted from the central exchange to a mobile.
Much as this helps during intense situations the mobile phone often fails as well and takes days to repair.

Power failures and cyclones

Finally, on this, The Verdi messages are all emailed so you can recover your traffic from any working computer at any time.

Communication is important and sometimes critical. Most often customers do not have after-hours access to you and may require it for many reasons.

You don’t need a message service just for a cyclone.

You need a message service for everyday mini-events that prevent you from the phone. They happen and knowing that you are backed up is Peace of mind.

That is what we sell.

So prepare yourself for the mini-cyclone season with great message service.

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Power failures and cyclones by Peter Hanley

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