The best way to have holiday messaging in your business

The best way to have holiday messaging in your business

The best way to have holiday messaging in your business and provide vital customer support and service at all times at least cost

Why are holiday messages so important

Holiday messaging service

First of all, a short break from business is critical to everyone and using peak season is a good time.
That is. of course, unless your business thrives on the season.

Australia day

These and various other periods represent a time to take a break. Close the doors and pitch the tent.

But what about your customers?

Fortunately, this is often the time that they employ to get away and thus they don’t need your great service.

However, some do.

Choose what you want to tell them or provide alternatives

It may be a simple message to say you are closed and will be back on a certain date.

You can provide alternative services they may wish to use.

Perhaps put all the calls through to your Mobile Phone and drive the family mad.

Think of an idea and we can do it.

Put messaging on a priority list

So often we get calls as you walk out the door and set the locks for a week away.
Suddenly a little voice says, “What about the phones”

We can do the impossible however it takes time and you may miss important calls in that time. Therefore plan ahead and save the hassle.


Do customers like a message or do they want to talk to you?

Most callers simply want to know what is going on, and in most cases, they will be happy to wait for your return.

However, some may be more impatient than that.

One option is to include a link to your mobile for urgent actions. Most won’t abuse the service however it may dissolve a crisis.


Short-term options are available

Whilst our customers have many systems built in we understand that some of you only want a temporary service.

We are equipped to include you in a special service at any time however fees will apply. However please avoid those last-minute requests.

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