What is business messaging

What is business messaging

What is business messaging?

I am often asked what is business messaging and what will it do for you? So here I answer some of the basic questions.

Why have a message service at all?

Pressure on performance is the main reality of this.

I often hear the saying we answer every call within say 4 rings.

Indeed I was guilty of the same thing and had my staff on their toes if the phone rang out for more than the required rings.

When I trialled the initial Verdi product I soon found out how wrong I was. We did miss calls and whilst not often they may just have been important ones.

What is business messaging

This set me on a path to establish something for every small business. Furthermore, it went on to corporations and government departments as well.


Telephone answering.

There are two main times of day, work hours and after hours and each has a requirement of its own.

A good message service automatically changes the message so that callers understand what to expect.
In addition, they know when to expect a callback, soon or next working day.

Live messaging V Virtual messaging

The simple answer is that it is based on the action you want.

Message taking, information giving can all be accomplished better with a professional virtual service.

Diary filling or asking someone to do a task can be with a live service.

Both have shortcomings and should be discussed before making a decision.

Business messaging

How else can you do a message service?

Telephone answering machines are a domestic product and will not present your business in the best light.
In addition, system based services need your attention at all time or they get left in a pattern that is not in the best interest of your business. Wrong hours, wrong message and even a bad message.

Do you need to follow up?

I am often asked if You need to call people back that don’t leave a message.
The reports that I receive is that a call back generates a belief that you care about your customer and will go the extra Yard for them.

It is never a negative response and I know of many a sale made from a callback

What is business messaging

Reporting with business messaging.

Like any action or cost centre, you need to have the targets that are acceptable to you. A good message service should provide a live report when you want it so that actions can be taken based on real figures.
one quick example is a service that found many calls were being made in the half hour prior to the opening of the business. The simple solution was to have someone start early to take the calls.

In conclusion

Finally, if you don’t have a message service try one out for free. Most good services will give you a trial and then you make decisions based on facts. One such service is Verdi business messaging

Peter Hanley

What is business messaging


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